We as a church believe that our growth Groups are the place where people in our church can get to know each other more personally.  

This allows gospel friendships to flourish as we spur each other on in our faith.

Our Aim

Our Growth Groups are a space in which all people are welcome to join. Typically, our growth groups meet together during a week day/night in small groupings of 8-12 people.

The aim of these groups is for people to expand their knowledge of God from the Bible as we go about praying to God for each other, loving one another and growing to be like Jesus in community with each other.


Our Growth Groups run throughout the school term on the following days and times:

  • Tuesday (Men’s) 7.30am @ Church
  • Tuesday (Mixed) 7.30pm @ Church
  • Wednesday (Mixed) 7.30pm via Zoom
  • Thursday (Mixed) 3.00pm in Breakfast Point
  • Friday (Women’s) 10.00am @ Church

If you would like to know more, please contact us:  info@pointchurch.com.au.